TurbineTM Pale Ale

A brew to celebrate the environment – Garage Project’s latest beer crafted with the help of Meridian Energy, generator of 100% renewable electricity.*


A fresh spin on a traditional style and a celebration of a new partnership between Meridian Energy and Garage Project, giving the brewery the power to brew in a more sustainable way.

In the windiest city in the world, in the shadow of Wellington’s iconic Brooklyn turbine, it’s a natural choice for Garage Project to partner with Meridian, who only produce electricity from 100% renewable resources, including from the Brooklyn turbine itself.

The collaboration between Garage Project brewery and Meridian, one of New Zealand’s renewable electricity generators, marks the first time that a certified renewable energy product has been made available in New Zealand – providing businesses with a clear means to recognise and celebrate their preference for renewable generation.

About the beer

Turbine™ is a beer engineered to be satisfyingly full flavoured, but also supremely drinkable. Brewed exclusively with New Zealand grown malts and hopped with a carefully selected combination of new season Kiwi grown Riwaka and all new American variety Strata, they say that Turbine™ is a Pale Ale which balances clean juicy malt flavour with hints of tropical fruit and citrus.

Named after the iconic Brooklyn wind turbine which sits on the hill above the brewery, Garage Project are also proud to be the first to use Meridian’s renewable energy mark – just part of Garage Project’s efforts to find a new way of making beer giving Garage Project the power to brew in a more sustainable way.

You can find out more about the beer here.


About the power

Wondering how it all works? Here comes the geeky bit explaining just that.

In New Zealand most electricity is distributed from the national grid, which mingles electricity from our Brooklyn turbine in Wellington and Meridian’s other renewable generation with every other source of New Zealand’s generation. 

Like most homes and businesses, Garage Project’s brewery is connected to the grid rather than literally plugged into our turbine, so will get some non-renewable electricity alongside the 100% good stuff we generate.

The New Zealand Energy Certificate System (NZECS) issues certificates for renewable electricity generation and oversees the transfer and redemption of these certificates against specific energy users. This allows us to clearly associate a certain type of generation with a particular business’s consumption, such as Garage Project Brewery. In this case, the NZECS will make sure that Meridian is issuing, transferring and redeeming enough certificates to match (on a calendar-year basis) all the electricity used in the operation of the Garage Project Brewery.

About the certification

The renewable energy certificate is provided by the NZECS and exists to allow consumers of electricity to match their consumption to a particular type and volume of electricity generation that they value.

The NZECS performs a number of key activities ranging from the audit of a power generation facility, to the issue of a certificate against a unit of generation, to the transfer and redemption of this certificate against an energy user’s actual consumption. In addition to this, the NZECS measures all certificates against all supplied electricity, to make sure that nothing is being counted twice.

Using the system, businesses can purchase grid-supplied electricity for your business along with certificates related to generation facilities, to certify that their consumption is matched by a particular type of generation.

Want it too?

Having an understanding of how electricity is generated allows consumers to consider the environmental impact of electricity generation, enabling them to make an active choice to which generator to partner with.

If you’d like to chat to Meridian about certified renewable energy, send us a message

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